Sendo X Smartphone - Sendo X smartphone Review


Let’s do a quick tour of the X and where everything is located on the phone. Starting at the top of the phone you’ll find the power button as well as a point for attaching a neck strap or similar. The right hand side features the voice dial button while the left hand side houses the IrDA window, the headset connector and an edit key. The edit key gives you access to the various input modes when you’re editing contacts or writing messages and so on.

At the bottom of the phone is the charging connector as well as what Sendo refers to as the accessory connector where the USB cable and keyboard attaches. The front of the phone is home to a four way navigational pad with a select button in the middle, two soft keys, the menu button, a call key and an end call key, a clear key and a keypad.

There is no dedicated camera key, but if you press and hold the three key on the keypad it will launch the camera application. Speaking of which, the keypad is one of the worst parts of the X as the keys are very thin and long, which makes it hard to press them unless you have very small hands.

I also found navigation using the four-way rocker switch quite awkward as you have to take your finger off the pad and press a joystick to make a selection.

The soft keys at the top of the keypad blend in so well with the casing, that at first you don’t realise that they are there. They are then easy to forget about, which again makes the X hard to navigate at times.

However, the biggest disappointment with the X is its size and build quality. The casing on the review sample was not finished properly with large gaps in the casing and the fake carbon fibre and aluminium look doesn’t really make it look any smarter. It weighs in at 120 grams and measuring 110.5mm x 48.5mm x 22.8mm, making it fairly bulky in your pocket.

The only place I could find the Sendo X on sale with a contract was from Expansys on the Vodafone network, and the release date was March 31, so it’s still not available. The Anytime 100 tariff for £22.00 a month and £18.72 for the phone is reasonable, but it’s hardly a bargain either.


The X might be packed full to the brim with features, but as it’s taken so long to come to market, the phone lacks the cutting edge feel that would make it an attractive buy. Add to this the poor build quality seen on the review sample and the X wouldn’t be my first choice of phone.


Score in detail

  • Usability 5
  • Value 6
  • Features 8