Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Home - Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Home


Setting up the GoFlex Home is a simple affair, requiring only that you supply a name for the device itself, as well as a username and password for accessing it. The device name should be made something memorable, as you need this to connect to the NAS remotely via the Seagate Share website. Once the GoFlex Home is set-up you can remove the Seagate Share application and simply manage the NAS through the web interface, which is simple, but intuitively laid out and offers all the functionality you’ll need.

A seemingly arbitrary limitation of the GoFlex Home is that Seagate limits the device to only three users, unless you purchase a subscription to its Seagate Share Pro service. However, although some will take umbrage with this limitation we doubt any GoFlex Home buyer is likely to need to use it with more than three people – bearing in mind multiple computers can connect using the same user name, albeit without password-protect separate storage areas.

Included in Seagate Share Pro are remote FTP access to your GoFlex Home, remote access to your device from smartphone (from Blackberry handsets to the iPhone), and a few photo-based features. These comprise an RSS feed-builder that will update as new photos are added to your device, a photo gallery powered by Cooliris, and integration with Facebook and Flickr such that images put on your GoFlex Home will be pushed to those services. All nice-to-haves but whether they’re worth the $19.99 Seagate asks for them only you can decide.

Letting the GoFlex Home down slightly were transfer speeds of 10.2MB/s when performing an 8.6GB Time Machine backup. This isn’t amazingly impressive, but is as good as a number of more expensive alternatives. Throw in the extra functionality offered by the GoFlex Home and the GoFlex Home makes an attractive option.


An interesting, if not necessarily useful design, acceptable performance, and user-friendly interface coupled with competitive pricing make this a good choice for those not after a more fully fledged NAS option.


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