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As mentioned, the satellites pack a separate midrange woofer and 19mm soft-dome tweeter into its closed box ABS design. The woofer is a 70mm long-throw driver featuring a Kevlar piston, with rubber surrounds around the yellow-coloured cone for fast transient response. These cover a frequency range of 65Hz to 20kHz, with sensitivity quoted as 86dB and they’re recommended for amplifiers offering between 20W to 100W.
Scandyna Micropod SE
The Ball, meanwhile, has a solid spec for an ostensibly style-led sub. The onboard 60W Class D amplifier belts out the bass in conjunction with a 6.5in, four-layer woofer, capable of reproducing frequencies down to 40Hz (at -6dB). With short circuit, over current and over temperature protection on board it’s guarded against damage too.
Scandyna Micropod SE
The controls are located on the sub’s underside and include a useful crossover control dial, which lets you set the point at which it takes over bass duties from the satellites to ensure a seamless, coherent sound. There’s also a volume dial, a switch to reverse polarity (phase) and a stereo cinch input.
 Scandyna Micropod SE
If you like to make regular adjustments to the bass level, you’ll drive yourself mad using the hard-to-reach volume dial, so thankfully the subwoofer comes with a credit-card sized remote. It’s as simple as remotes get, sporting volume, mute and standby blister keys, but it’s great that you don’t have to keep getting off your backside to make tweaks.

Finally, the satellites are supplied with wall brackets, which connect to the screw fixing on the underside – although we think they’re at their best when perched on the spikes.

Scandyna Micropod SE

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