Samsung WP10 - Design and Features


The overall build quality is good, and despite its plastic construction the WP10 feels sturdy and well made. The battery hatch has a strong metal hinge, and both this and the USB port hatch have secure locking latches and rubber seals. The controls are more solidly mounted than on some of Samsung’s cheaper cameras, but still have the hard-to-see embossed labels on most of them. The zoom control is a simple rocker switch, but it is large enough to avoid being fiddly. The zoom action is rather slow, but it is smooth and silent.

The WP10 has a similar control interface to another recent Samsung compact, the superb value ST70. Main shooting mode is selected by the Mode button, and options include Program Auto, the easy-to-use Smart Auto, a Scene mode with 14 scene programs, and a movie recording mode. Most common shooting options can be adjusted via a quick function menu, and there is also an attractively designed and comprehensive main menu.

The WP10 is fairly light on special features. It has no optical image stabilisation, relying instead only on the inferior digital stabilisation. It does provide some extra stability, but only about a stop’s worth. The scene modes do include one underwater shooting program, but other than that it has the features set of a typical budget compact. It does have one slightly unusual feature though; the feet on the bottom panel are angled in such a way that the camera sits pointing seven degrees upwards, which is supposed to help with framing self-timer shots. It’s potentially useful under certain circumstances, but hardly constitutes a unique selling point.

The WP10 has a video recoding mode of course, and can shoot in 1280 x 720 resolution at 30fps, with mono audio. Full optical zoom can be used while recording, but despite the extremely quiet zoom motor audio recording is muted while zooming, with no option to turn this off. Video quality is average at best, and audio quality is also nothing special. Movie clips are recorded in MP4 H.264 format.