Samsung VC07F50HUVB CycloneForce - Pet Hair Cleaning and Verdict Review


Samsung VC07F50HUVB CycloneForce – Pet Hair

A month or two

ago, we looked at Samsung’s base VC07F50 model and concluded

that it wasn’t great for homes with pets due to the lack of turbobrush


The VC07F50HUVB addresses this issue admirably. The

pet-specific turbobrush is great at picking up fluff balls,

paw-print dirt and hairs around the home. It isn’t the largest turbohead we’ve seen, so homes with acres of carpet might want to look elsewhere. However, it effectively cleaned our 30cm patch of pet hair in less than 10

seconds, which is a great result.

The Eco Hard Floor head also

turned in an excellent result cleaning up after our two dogs. Despite

the all-round blades that you might think would catch hairs, the fixed

neck angle means that the blades regularly rise up at the front,

allowing hairs to be sucked under.

We couldn’t work out whether

this was an intentional design or not, but it certainly did the trick

when chasing hairs across hard floors is concerned. It’s hard to fault

this model of Samsung cleaner for pet duties.

Samsung SC07F50HUVB 3

Should I buy the Samsung VC07F50HUVB CycloneForce?


version of Samsung’s low-power and eco-friendly VC07F50 series adds a useful turbobrush head to what was already a great-performing

compact and lightweight cleaner. It’s excellent on pet hair, too,

whether you’re cleaning carpets of hard floors.

What holds back the VC07F50HUVB is the occasional “suck-down” problem with some cleaning heads,

while an average-only reach due to the cable-length and compact hose might prove annoying. It’s a good machine, but

the Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog edges it in most ways.

It’s a good option if you want a compact, bagless cleaner, but it isn’t quite the best in this category.

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The Samsung VC07F50HUBV is a competent, bagless cylinder vacuum let down by one or two niggles –

but it’s worth considering if you can get a good deal on it.