Samsung UE65JS9500 - 3D, Sound and Verdict Review


Samsung UE65JS9500 – 3D Performance

This is mostly another huge

success story for the UE65JS9500. Its intense brightness and contrast

make for a phenomenal 3D performance – especially when you’ve added the

curved screen, outstanding UHD upscaling and depth enhancement into the

mix. It was a huge relief, too, to find images suffering only very

slightly with crosstalk – something we’d feared might be quite a severe

problem with such a high-brightness screen.

In fact, in many ways

the UE65JS9500 delivers the best all-round 3D performance we’ve seen

from a TV. The only issues are that there’s some slight judder and that

the upscaled 3D images perhaps don’t look quite as detailed as they did

on last year’s UHD TVs. This latter point is very minor, though.

Samsung UE65JS9500 – Sound Quality


UE65JS9500’s sound is good rather than great. The main strengths are

extremely good handling of treble details, which sound clean and clear

without becoming harsh; effects that are placed accurately in the

soundstage; impressive width and height to this soundstage; and vocals

which remain impressively clean and well-rounded even when put under

pressure by the rest of a soundtrack.

It’s true, too, that bass

sounds fuller and deeper than usual for Samsung – though it sometimes

seems a little dislocated from the rest of the mix, and can lead to some

slight phutting distortion when pushed really hard by a particularly

bass-heavy movie soundtrack.

Samsung UA65JS9500


issues are that the set can’t hit the sort of really high volumes a

neighbourless user might desire to accompany a serious film session, and

that the sound generally lacks a little attack and directness.


UE65JS9500’s sound is still not as good, then, as the best of Samsung’s

rivals. But it’s certainly not something you’ll necessarily feel the

need to upgrade with a separate audio system, and nor does it detract

from the set’s huge appeal in other areas.

Other things to consider


has completely redesigned its ‘smart’ remote control option for 2015

based on extensive consumer research – and it’s very much a redesign for

the better.

For starters it feels beautiful in the hand –

nicely balanced, slim, but heavy and well built. Its buttons feel

pleasantly responsive, and they’re much better laid out. Separating out

the point-and-click button from the more normal left, right, up and down

navigation buttons is particularly welcome, and we didn’t find

ourselves missing the old touch pad element at all. The new approach is

much less fiddly, much more intuitive, and crucially it allows users a

clear decision over how they want to navigate their TV’s menus.


deliberately limited array of buttons included is mostly well judged

too, and the synchronisation between the remote and the menus is much

Samsung UA65JS9500

only serious issue with the remote is the way the onscreen cursor you

use with the point-and-click control option always pops up at the same

point on the screen it was at when you last finished using it, rather

than appearing at the part of the screen where you’re actually pointing

the remote. This can feel confusing and counter-intuitive.


you’re wanting to indulge in some big-screen gaming action on the

UE65JS9500 we have yet more good news. For we’ve measured its input lag at just 20ms on average when using the screen’s Game picture setting – a figure that’s exceptionally low for the TV world and one that shouldn’t be significantly detrimental to your gaming skills. NOTE: When we first published this review we reported an input lag figure of around 65ms. We retested the set following an update from Samsung and recorded the new, much superior figure.

Should I buy a Samsung UE65JS9500?


you want to secure yourself the best picture quality we’ve seen from a

TV to date, than you certainly should buy a UE65JS9500. Its HDR-driven

images are unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, with native HDR

delivering an impact that’s nothing short of astonishing – far more

aggressively obvious, in fact, than the step up from HD to UHD.


there’s a pretty obvious frustration here in that there’s currently no

native HDR content with which to exploit the full potential of the TV –

and actually there’s still not much native UHD content around either!

But HDR and UHD really are both coming this year, and the UA65JS9500 is

spectacularly well equipped to deal with it. It crucially also does an

amazing job of boosting non-HDR content.

There is, though, one

other barrier to entry: the UE65JS9500’s price. It’s expected to cost

just a penny shy of £6000, meaning it’s very far indeed from being a

mainstream proposition. The set does a heck of a job of justifying that

price, but clearly there will be many people out there without

bottomless bank accounts who’ll be very keen indeed to see how Samsung’s

step-down JS8500 HDR models shape up.

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to its HDR support, the UE65JS9500 delivers the biggest leap forward in

picture quality we’ve seen for years. Truly next-generation stuff that,

once experienced, feels almost painful to be without.


Score in detail

  • 3D Quality 10
  • Value 7
  • Smart TV 9
  • Design 9
  • 2D Quality 10
  • Sound Quality 8