Samsung SyncMaster PX2370 - Image Quality, Value and Verdict



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Ultimately though, what every monitor should be about is image quality, and here the 23in PX2370, with its Full HD (1,920 x 1,080) resolution, scores decently. There was some minor backlight inconsistency but no bleed, the latter of which is often the more distracting – especially in the black bands of widescreen films. Viewing angles were slightly above average, with less contrast-shift than found on most TN-panel monitors, so viewing with family or friends shouldn’t be a problem.

Greyscale differentiation was also good for this type of screen, and we managed to calibrate it so that even the darkest shades were visible – albeit at the cost of white purity and differentiation. This is a sensible compromise for the average user, as it gives you extra detail in films and games which tend to be predominantly dark. Speaking of detail, sharpness was also excellent, though it’s rare to find otherwise these days.

We found banding varied quite a bit depending on settings. At its best it was barely noticeable, while at its worst it was obvious across the board. Mind you, as this is mainly visible across large colour gradients it’s not something you’ll commonly notice in most real-world scenarios, and we wouldn’t recommend a TN-based display for image enthusiasts anyway.

This is all fairly encouraging, but there’s little doubt the PX2370 is expensive for what you get. Once again, Samsung is its own worst enemy, as £50 less than the £265 demanded by the PX2370 will buy you Samsung’s SyncMaster F2380M, the Full HD, HDMI-equipped 23in cousin of the award-winning F2080. Based on essentially the same chassis as its smaller 20in cousin, the F2380M should offer better build quality, full adjustability and far superior image quality, thanks to its use of a cPVA rather than TN panel.

If energy efficiency is more important to you than image quality, the fully-adjustable SyncMaster BX2240 should have you covered for less than £200, while the SyncMaster P2370HD (a monitor and TV hybrid) has it solidly beat in the feature count. All this considered, the premium for its slimness is simply too high.


Aside from being one of the slimmest monitors we’ve ever seen thanks to its LED-backlighting, the Samsung SyncMaster PX2370 sports an attractive design, some nice extras and halfway decent image quality. However, if slenderness isn’t your main priority, it’s far too expensive to be desirable to any but the most well-heeled buyers.


Score in detail

  • Image Quality 7
  • Design 8
  • Value 5
  • Features 7