Samsung SGH-U700V - Samsung SGH-U700V Review


Image quality was reasonably good, though indoors using the auto settings resulted in slightly duller photos than I’d anticipated. The coloured dish, my standard shot, photographed indoors under normal household lighting is reasonable, but the colours aren’t particularly bright.

Outdoors the camera lets in a fair bit of light and produces passable shots, but the pink in the flowers was more vibrant and uniform than the photo suggests, and you can see the effects of data compression in both outdoor photos.

Internally the SGH-U700V has just 20MB of memory. That compares very unfavourably indeed with the U600’s 60MB. You can add more via microSD cards and the slot is under a cover on the right edge of the phone. The headset is annoyingly proprietary in its connection to the phone, and without a 3.5mm jack beyond the handsfree microphone you are stuck with it. The U600 had an FM radio, but there isn’t one in the SGH-U700V.

However, if you are keen on mobile music then you’ll like the stunning battery life. The U600 gave me a pretty impressive 8 hours 20 of music and a total of 10 hours 12 minutes of life. The U700 betters that with music stopping after just less than 14 hours and the phone itself switching off after just over 14 hours.

Other applications include calendar, to do list manager, calculator, five alarms, unit converter, memo tool, voice recorder, and world clock. You also have access to Vodafone’s MobileTV service.

You can send output from the phone to your own TV but no cables are supplied for this purpose. You do get a USB cable and Samsung’s PC Studio software for data transfer. Don’t lose the USB cable – it is proprietary at the handset end.


The SGH-U700V is not a huge leap forward from the U600. It adds 3G, but has less memory and no FM radio, and it retains the very irritating touch controls from the earlier model.