Samsung Series 7 UE55B7020 55in LED LCD TV Review


Key Features

  • Review Price: £1975.00

Although I do actually like my job, it’s not often that I can honestly say I’m actively looking forward to spending some quality reviewing time with a new TV. But the Samsung UE55B7020 is an honourable exception.

With its combination of a 55in screen, Samsung’s awe-inspiring ultra-thin edge LED design concept and, hopefully, the same outstanding picture quality noted previously on the set’s smaller UE40B7020 sibling, I really was prepared for the UE55B7020 to show me a thoroughly good time. Especially as its arrival coincided with the arrival of the latest ”Star Trek” movie on Blu-ray, and most excitingly of all, ”Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” on my Xbox 360…

Not surprisingly, the UE55B7020 doesn’t disappoint in the slightest aesthetically. In fact, seeing the same 29.9mm depth I saw on the UE40B7020 applied to the rear of a screen as large as 55in across is an even more mind-blowing experience. Plus the sleekness of the bezel together with the see-through centimetre or so of ‘crystal’ that extends beyond the main black frame all looks somehow even better when delivered in such generous proportions. I should add, too, that I prefer the no-nonsense black colour scheme of the UE55B7020 to the red-tinged approach of the also-available 550B7000.

The UE55B7020 obviously sports the same connectivity as the UE40B7020. And it’s prodigious, with the stand-out options being four HDMIs, not one but two USB ports, and a LAN socket.

Looking at some of these in more detail, the USBs cater for direct playback of MP3 and JPEG files from USB storage devices, as well as enabling a wireless connection with your router if you cough up £40 or so for the necessary optional USB dongle. As for the LAN, it can be used for a hard-wired connection to the Internet, or for accessing files on a DLNA PC.