Samsung PS64E8000 Review



  • Excellent 2D and 3D pictures
  • Lots of online video services
  • Good value


  • Tricky gesture and voice control options
  • Pictures not as bright as LCD ones
  • Minor skin tone flaws

Key Specifications

  • Review Price: £2096.00
  • 64in plasma TV
  • Active 3D playback (2 pairs of glasses included)
  • Smart TV online platform
  • Multimedia playback from USB
  • Samsung's top-level plasma panel design


Samsung has worked harder than any other brand over the past handful of

years to make inroads into Panasonic’s dominance of the plasma TV

market. And there can be no better evidence of just how far the Korean

brand has come – with a TV technology which isn’t even its main focus,

let’s not forget – than the PS64E8000.

Samsung PS64E8000 – Design


is the flagship plasma model from Samsung’s current range – a fact

revealed immediately by its epic 64in screen and the E8000 part of its

name. Its design is suitably opulent too, with its reasonably narrow

bezel, subtle but effective transparent outer trim, passably slender

backside, cute cross-style pedestal, and pleasant glossy ‘Titan Black’

finish. It’s nice to see as well how comfortably Samsung has managed to

tuck a little camera into the centre of the TV’s top edge – no excessive webcam bumps here.
Samsung PS64E8000

said all that, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that even this

relatively sleek plasma screen looks rather dated compared with the

latest LCD models in town. It’s sad to say, but this apparent inability

to shrink the frame of plasma TVs is hardly going to be helping the

technology’s losing battle against its LCD rival.

Samsung PS64E8000 – Connections and Features


is mostly strong. Multimedia use is particularly well catered for, via

three USBs, a LAN port and built-in Wi-Fi. There is one disappointment,

though, in that as with all of Samsung’s high-end TVs this year, for

some reason you only get three HDMIs when the vast majority of other

high-end – and mid-range, actually – TVs carry four.
Samsung PS64E8000
As you

would expect of a relatively high-rent Samsung TV, the PS64E8000 carries

active 3D playback with two pairs of active shutter glasses included,

as well as Samsung’s Smart TV platform. This elegantly presented system

cunningly presents all sorts of different source types (from USB devices

and networked DLNA PCs through to broadcasts and online video apps) on a

more or less equal footing.

Samsung PS64E8000 – Smart TV

You also get

Samsung’s intriguing but currently rather lightweight Fitness, Family

and Kids zones, featuring apps designed respectively to aid health,

build family photo/message networks, and entertain children.


latest Smart interfaces we’ve just seen at the CES have made it clear

that for all its prettiness and its content equalisation approach,

Samsung’s current Smart TV system still doesn’t make it as easy to find

content as it probably should. We still maintain, too, that Samsung

needs to introduce much more quality control to the apps it populates

its Smart TV platform with, and we still don’t feel comfortable using

either the gesture or voice controls supported by the PS64E8000.


all the niggles, though, Samsung’s Smart TV platform still impresses

overall thanks to the impressive amount of video streaming services it

carries – these being by far the most useful things on any Smart TV