Samsung Note Review - Screen and Interface Review


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What will interest those of an artistic pursuasion, though, is the

quality of the display. It packs in quite jaw dropping 1,280 x 800

pixels – the same as on many laptops – making for incredibly sharp

images. It’s actually still not quite as sharp as the iPhone 4 but it

offers a much larger screen and more pixels in total, and it still beats

most of the competition for pixel density. It’s also an OLED panel so

colours are incredibly bright and punchy, and viewing angles are

essentially infinite. Frankly, it’s stunning.

This of course lends itself well to all tasks but allows the Note to

excel at video playback (for which there’s extensive format support) and

gaming, both of which the 1.4GHz dual core processor rips through with

ease. That said, we did encounter a few skips and pauses here and there,

as on the Tab 7.7, so we do hope Samsung hasn’t mucked things up by

messing around with Android too much and making it bloated.

Samsung Note 13
Samsung Note 3

Samsung has of course also put its TouchWiz interface on this device,

which runs the 2.4 version of Android. The changes are numerous but

largely cosmetic with the addition of the note taking extras, being the

most notable. There are some neat gesture additions though. Swipe your

palm across the screen and it will take a screenshot or hover your hand

over a video and it will pause.

Samsung Note 12

Other key stats include the choice of 16GB or 32GB of internal storage,

and a microSD slot for expanding this. This is also a proper phone so

you get all the requisite mobile connections along with Wi-Fi and

Bluetooth. Most intriguingly, though, you also get a 2,500mAh battery –

nearly double many other phones. Whether this results in double the

battery life or if it’s simply needed to compensate for the size of the

screen, we’ll have to wait for a full review to find out.

Samsung Note 10

In conclusion for the time being, we’re impressed with the Samsung Note

but aren’t necessarily yet convinced it’s something we’d want to buy.

It’s patently ridiculously large to use as a standard phone and the note

taking extras seem of debatable benefit. But with such a superb screen

and impressive other hardware, it’s definitely one to look out for if

video and gaming on the move is important to you.

This is a preview. Read our full

Samsung Galaxy Note review here.