Samsung HT-E6750W Review - Setup and Operation Review


Setting up the HT-E6750W is an unavoidably long-winded procedure, given the amount of components in the box. The three-part front and surround tower speakers require lots of screwing, while the need to locate the wireless receiver near a power socket and hide the wires could also be an issue.

But a few things ease the process, such as the colour coded speaker wires/plugs and the automatic calibration system, which sets the sonic parameters for you using the supplied microphone – great news for home cinema newcomers.

Speaker adjustment
Access Point Search

The rest of the setup procedure – configuring Wi-Fi and all the related network features, setting up the speakers, selecting inputs and making key tweaks to Blu-ray playback – are all a complete doddle thanks to the clear onscreen menus and text.


Once installed, day-to-day navigation is easy. The HT-E6750W shares the same dazzlingly crisp and colourful menu design and architecture as the BD-E8500, which is a good thing. However the use of a single core processor as opposed to the dual core used in the BD-E8500 makes it more sluggish – particularly the web browser, which is slow almost to the point of being unusable. Even using a mouse doesn’t help.


The remote uses roughly the same design as the BD-E8500, apart from a few extra buttons. It boasts perfect placement of the menu and playback controls, excellent labelling and a generally comfortable and ergonomic shape. We also like the sleek brushed black styling, which brings a bit of panache to the coffee table.

The system boots up incredibly quickly and loads discs quickly. It took 41 seconds to start playing the Java-heavy menus of Terminator Salvation, while a less tricky disc like Thor takes 25 seconds, which is excellent.