Samsung Galaxy S3 Review - Camera Review


Talking of the camera, it is very good. The sensor and optics are no

better than the HTC One X or iPhone 4S but the results are at least as

good if not better most of the time. The app offers plenty of options allowing you to tailor your shots according

to shooting conditions, and the automatic settings tend to do a pretty good job.


the iPhone 4S tends to offer even more consistent automatic results

(and has a better HDR mode) while the HTC One X offers by far the best

interface, with a good balance of extra features and easy of use, but

its pictures tend not to be quite so good when it comes to detail. Both

the S3 and the One X also have markedly more powerful flashes than the

iPhone, making them genuinely useful in dark situations.

We also

noticed one oddity whereby tapping on the screen to pick your point of

focus doesn’t affect the overall metering of the image. So if you’re

trying to pick out a dark subject against a light background, for

instance, the camera will often not get it right, exposing for the

background and having a silhouette for a subject.

Samsung Galaxy S3 - Screenshot

The powerful flash manages to completely illuminate our pitch black store room.

As an aside, all three of these phones really highlight how megapixels

aren’t the be all and end all as they all categorically beat the Sony

Xperia S’ 12 megapixel model.

Video recording is offered in up to 1080p resolution and again it’s on

par with much of the competition when it comes to detail. However, you

can’t toggle the flash during shooting and the autofocus did seem a bit

erratic. There’s also not a slow motion mode.