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A brilliant all-rounder, the Samsung Bespoke Jet is powerful, long-lasting and cleans brilliantly on all surfaces. It can even turn its hand to hard floor cleaning with the Spinning Sweeper attachment, which does a good job of taking light-to-medium soiled hard floors back to looking their best.

The Clean Station makes this vacuum easy to empty without firing dirt everywhere, but you’ll need a fair amount of room to store this cleaner and all of its accessories.


  • Powerful
  • Cleans well on all surfaces
  • Can tackle hard floor cleaning


  • Requires two plugs
  • Needs a lot of storage space


  • UKRRP: £899
  • USARRP: $898

Key Features

  • TypeThis is a cordless vacuum cleaner that can also be used as a hard floor cleaner, too
  • Battery lifeExpect around 24 minutes on the Mid setting, which is sufficient to clean a large area thanks to the suction power
  • PowerThe most powerful cordless cleaner I’ve tested thanks to the Jet mode; the standard modes deliver more than enough cleaning power to tackle regular dirt


It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a Samsung cordless vacuum cleaner, but the Samsung Bespoke Jet has been worth waiting for.

Powerful suction, a clever Clean Station for automatic emptying, and even a hard floor brush make this a great all-rounder.


There are four different models of the Samsung Bespoke Jet, each available with a different range of accessories – although core power remains the same between them. Here, I’m reviewing the Bespoke Jet Pro Extra, which basically comes with everything. The difference between the versions is:

  • Bespoke Jet Complete (white, £749). Accessories: Jet Dual Brush, Slim Action Brush, Pet Tool, Combination & Crevice Tool, Flexible Tool, one battery, all-in-one Clean Station.
  • Bespoke Jet Complete Extra (woody green, £849). Accessories: Jet Dual Brush, Slim Action Brush, Pet Tool, Combination & Crevice Tool, Flexible Tool, two batteries, all-in-one Clean Station.
  • Bespoke Jet Pro Extra (midnight blue, £899). Accessories: Jet Dual Brush, Spray Spinning Sweeper, Pet Tool, Combination & Crevice Tool, Flexible Tool, two batteries, all-in-one Clean Station.

Design and Features

  • Needs two power sockets
  • Clean Station makes emptying easy
  • Floor mopping head

As described above, there are multiple versions of the Samsung Bespoke Jet available, but all come with the all-in-one Clean Station, which is an automatic charging and emptying dock for the vacuum cleaner. Much like auto-emptying docks for robot vacuum cleaners, such as the iRobot Roomba J7+, the Clean Station carries a vacuum of its own inside.

Drop the cordless cleaner into the dock at the top, press the button on the front, and the Clean Station sucks out the waste into a disposable bag. You get three bags in the box, each one capable of holding two litres of waste.

Samsung Bespoke Jet in Clean Station

Given that the vacuum cleaner has a 0.5-litre capacity, that’s four full loads of the vacuum cleaner that can fit into a bag. On average, expect to have to change bags every one or two months, depending on use.

Samsung Bespoke Jet Clean Station bag

The benefit of the system is that emptying the Samsung Bespoke Jet is an exceptionally clean experience, with all the contents of the cleaner coming out of the bin without spraying dirt everywhere. There’s no doubt in my mind: the Clean Station is the best way to empty a cordless vacuum cleaner.

Once the Clean Station’s bag is full, it simply pulls out of the front and self-seals. For houses with allergy sufferers, or simply any household that doesn’t want vacuumed dirt to escape back into the wild, this emptying system is brilliant. As with the rest of the Bespoke range, the Clean Station looks fantastic: if you end up having to have this out on display, rather than in a cupboard, you really won’t mind.

You can remove and empty the vacuum’s bin as normal. You should do this from time to time, in order to clean out the bin and access the filter, which can be washed under a tap.

Samsung Bespoke Jet filter and bin

The all-in-one Clean Station handles battery charging of the vacuum cleaner, too, with the current percentage shown on the LCD at the back. While docked, you can have both the wand and the main floor head attached.

Samsung Bespoke Jet charging

There’s no room for the other accessories on this dock, so with the model I have Samsung provides an accessory holder. This has a carry handle, so you can move it around, and it provides a charging slot for the second battery.

Samsung Bespoke Jet accessory holder

Being able to charge a spare battery separately is handy, as you can swap out quickly when the Samsung Bespoke Jet runs out of charge. However, I’d have preferred the charging slot for the second battery to be on the Clean Station; the current design means you need two plugs.

In the box, Samsung provides lots of tools. The full set here includes the Jet Dual Brush (this has a main roller and soft roller, making it suitable for all surfaces, as with Shark DuoClean), which makes cleaning quick, as you don’t have to stop and swap floor heads as you move from carpet to hard floors.

Samsung Bespoke Jet brush head

Plus, there’s a motorised pet tool, a flexible tool (for angling tools to clean on top of cupboards, for example), a combination tool with brush, and an extendible crevice tool.

Samsung Bespoke Jet accessories laid out

There’s also the Spray Spinning Sweeper, which turns the Samsung Bespoke Jet into a hard floor cleaner in a similar vein to the AirCraft Powerglide. This tool can be used with the reusable microfibre pads, or with disposable wet pads. I don’t like the latter so much, since it creates waste.

Samsung Bespoke Jet Spinning Sweeper

Using the Samsung Bespoke Jet is easy. A power switch at the rear of the unit turns on the vacuum in Mid mode. The select button moves between the other power modes: Min, Max and the super-powerful Jet mode. Attach the Spinning Sweeper and the vacuum turns off suction and switches to Wash mode instead.

As with the Dyson V15 Detect, the Samsung Bespoke Jet shows you the current battery time in minutes on its rear screen. This is helpful for doing away with any cleaning anxiety, as you’ll know exactly how much time you have left to clean. And remember, with the second battery, you effectively have double the cleaning time.

Samsung Bespoke Jet battery life

What the Samsung Bespoke Jet misses out on is an automatic cleaning mode of the type Dyson provides, adjusting power to suit the surface type and level of dirt. I did find that the Mid mode was good enough for the majority of my cleaning, but automatic power adjustment is still a nice thing to have, since it takes the guesswork out of determining which is the right power mode for the job.

I found the Samsung Bespoke Jet super-comfortable to hold, with its moulded hand grip keeping the light vacuum cleaner (2.7kg in total, although the handheld unit weighs just 1.44kg) easy to move around. 

Samsung Bespoke Jet vacuum

This cleaner also includes a feature that isn’t typically found on cordless vacuum cleaners: an adjustable wand. This makes the Samsung Bespoke Jet very comfortable to use, no matter how tall you are.

Samsung Bespoke Jet wand control

That lightweight body means that it’s easy to pick up the vacuum cleaner for cleaning around the edge of your walls where they meet the ceiling, too.

Samsung Bespoke Jet cleaning up high


  • Very powerful suction
  • Excellent battery life
  • Larger debris needed a few sweeps

To test the Samsung Bespoke Jet, I put it through a series of tests. I started by measuring the raw power of the vacuum cleaner in AirWatts (AW), which uses a combination of suction power and airflow as a way to compare cleaners. On Min power, I measured the vacuum at just 38AW, which is a little weak. I’m not surprised, since it’s the low setting that will typically deliver the highest battery life figure. 

On Mid, the default setting, the Samsung Bespoke Jet measured 85AW in my test, which is good: that suggests enough power for most tasks. Max power increased to 197AW, which is a lot for a cordless cleaner, while the Jet option returned a crazy 344AW in my tests: the most I’ve seen from a vacuum cleaner.

How well a vacuum cleans isn’t only down to raw power, however; it’s about the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner’s head and its ability to agitate dirt and collect it. I use real-world tests to measure this.

First, I started out with the carpet test, spreading an ‘X’ of flour across my test carpet. Running the Samsung Bespoke Jet through the middle – forwards and backwards – on Mid power, all of the dirt was removed.

Samsung Bespoke Jet dirty carpet
Samsung Bespoke Jet dirty carpet after one sweep

I then completed the test using Max power on top, which produced another clean sweep, and Min power on the bottom, which left quite a bit of dust behind.

Samsung Bespoke Jet dirty carpet after multiple sweeps

Next, I combed cat hair into the carpet, then used the Mid power setting. Again, the Samsung Bespoke Jet made short work of the mess, removing all pet hair.

Samsung Bespoke Jet dirty pet hair
Samsung Bespoke Jet pet hair after cleaning

Onto the tough edge test on carpet tiles, I spread a teaspoon of flour right up to the skirting board. Here, the Samsung Bespoke Jet excelled: a single sweep forwards and backwards was all it took to create a clean path through the mess right up to the edge. That’s hugely impressive.

Samsung Bespoke Jet dirty edge
Samsung Bespoke Jet dirty edge after one sweep

Moving onto the hard floor test, I sprinkled a teaspoon of rice onto the floor, then gave the Samsung Bespoke Jet a pass forward and back through the mess. I was left with a clean path, although some grains of rice were trapped under the floor head. I found that bigger debris needed to be attacked from multiple angles for the best results.

Samsung Bespoke Jet dirty hard floor
Samsung Bespoke Jet dirty hard floor after vacuuming

Onto hard floor cleaning, I inserted the Spinning Sweeper head and used it to tackle dirt well and truly trodden into the ground. Since there’s no suction, loose bits of dirt are moved around; that’s the same for all cleaners that work on a similar basis, such as the Shark S6002UK. It makes sense to wait for the dirt to dry and vacuum the area first. If you want to tackle wet dirt then you need a cleaner that will suck up waste, such as the Roborock Dyad.

With dry dirt, the Samsung Bespoke Jet does a decent job with cleaning. Spraying water onto areas first, using the controls on top helps, and then the microfibre cloths are able to pick up most of the dirt.

Samsung Bespoke Jet spraying water

Only the more stubborn marks are left behind. If your floors tend to get very dirty floors, then a dedicated hard floor cleaner with a little more power may be a better option.

Samsung Bespoke Jet muddy hard floor
Samsung Bespoke Jet muddy floor after cleaning

In addition, as with all cleaners that use round cloths, you can’t quite get the Samsung Bespoke Jet into corners, so you’ll have to finish off some parts of your house with a bit of manual labour.

Samsung Bespoke Jet mopping into corner

I measured maximum battery life at 54 minutes in the Min mode. Realistically, most jobs will require use of the vacuum in Mid mode, which comes in at around 24 minutes. That’s pretty good, given the quality of suction: a single charge was enough to clean my entire house. On Max, you get a reasonable 14 minutes of power, while Jet drops battery life to just 8 minutes. With the Wash mode, you can get up to 90 minutes of cleaning. Don’t forget to double these figures if you buy the version with two batteries. Batteries take 3.5 hours to recharge, although both can be topped up at the same time.

I found the Samsung Bespoke Jet quiet: 69.4dB on Mid, and only 73.3dB on Jet. It’s even quieter at 61.8dB on Wash mode.

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Should you buy it?

If you want power and flexibility, the huge range of accessories and hard floor cleaning options, make this your top choice.

If you want automated power control, look elsewhere. And, those without a lot of room may want something more compact. 

Final Thoughts

The Samsung Bespoke Jet is one of the most powerful vacuum cleaners I’ve tested, easily coping with all types of floor surface. I love the battery display on the back of the unit, which gives a live countdown of battery life. With plenty of power on Mid mode, the Bespoke Jet made short work of all dust, delivering excellent edge performance. Cleaning is so good that the 24-minute battery life is plenty of time to tackle most homes; for larger homes, the spare battery with my review model doubles run-time.

Hard floor cleaning is good, too, although I’d say that for those who have to deal with quite dirty floors on a regular basis (pet owners, I’m looking at you), a hard floor cleaner that can suck up dirt may be a better choice. In that case, you can buy the Bespoke Jet without the floor cleaner.

Thanks to the Clean Station, when you’re done cleaning your floors, dirt from the vacuum is sucked out into a bag without making any mess at all. For anyone fed up with having to vacuum around their bin after they’ve emptied their cordless cleaner, the Clean Station will be a revolution.

Your main choice is picking the right model based on the accessories you need, and you can find alternative choices in my guide to the best cordless vacuum cleaners.

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Does the Samsung Bespoke Jet have replaceable batteries?

Yes, and it ships with two batteries.

What is the Samsung Bespoke Jet’s Clean Station?

This charges the cordless vacuum cleaner and also sucks dirt out into a disposable bag.

How long does the Samsung Bespoke Jet’s battery last?

On the Mid power setting, which is the most useful, expect to get around 24 minutes of run-time per battery.

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