Sagem my850v - Sagem my850v Review


My review sample didn’t come with headphones, though the power slot on the side of the casing has a headphones logo on it, so I assume that you get a set and that the connector will be proprietary.

There are two cameras on this phone. One just below the screen is primarily for video calling though it can also be used to capture stills that include yourself at two resolutions – 320 x 240 and 640 x 480. The main camera has a 2-megapixel lens and so can shoot stills up to 1,600 x 1,200.

Without autofocus or flash it is a bit limited in terms of range and capability, though I found the lens let in a surprisingly large amount of light and results were generally quite pleasing under the auto setting I always use to test phone cameras.

The coloured dish, for example, which is my standard reference photo, taken indoors under household lighting displays vibrant colours that are well reproduced. The phone captured colours outdoors well too, with the pinks and yellows of the flowers pretty much spot on. You can see evidence of over exposure in the yellow flowers, but this image also shows that the phone does fairly well at capturing detail.

I said at the head of this review that Vodafone is selling the my850v out of its online business shop. It isn’t a high end smartphone for business users, though. Despite being 3G, it is only tri-band GSM, and you don’t get any PC connectivity software or leads in the box, though Sync ML is supported.

There is no push email support, though you can pick up POP email in the messaging centre which also caters for MMS and SMS. There is also a web browser, calculator, alarm function, to do list manager, diary, voice recorder, stopwatch, timer, and currency converter. There is Bluetooth (Vodafone provides a Bluetooth handsfree kit with the phone), but no Wi-Fi. You can use the phone as a modem.

As for battery life, Sagem suggests four hours of GSM talk, two hours of video calls, six hours of music and 300 hours on standby. I didn’t get the time to do a full battery rundown test as I normally like to with mobiles but experience using the phone day to day suggests these estimates are pretty near the mark and I’d be inclined to plan on topping this phone up every other day if you want to use it for business.


The my850v is a middle of the road handset, but those touch sensitive music playback controls and better than expected camera lift it above the rest of the crowd. I’m not sure why it’s being sold as a business phone though.