Roth Audio Bar 1 - Features and Setup Review


Inside the soundbar are ten drivers designed to spread sound around the room using a ‘multi reflection’ design. There are eight 40mm long-throw full range drivers, and two 19mm aluminium dome tweeters. Four of these are Vector Firing (VF) Side Drivers, which are found on the slanted edges at either end. These generate a wider sweet spot and more pronounced surround effects.

Roth Audio Bar 1

These VF drivers are designed to work in conjunction with Fractal Expansion (FX), which may sound like a painful medical procedure but is actually a virtual surround processing mode. It works with any stereo content, creating a virtual centre channel and expanding surround information. You can switch between FX and straight stereo modes using the remote or the front-mounted buttons.

Elsewhere the soundbar packs 2 x 16W of amplification, while frequency response is quoted as 180Hz – 20kHz.

The wireless subwoofer boasts a 130W ‘ClassHD’ amplifier with a 6.5in long-throw woofer, delving down to 35Hz to deliver the required bass punch. Unusually, the subwoofer is quite tall and slim, which could make it easier to squeeze into tricky spaces, and despite the slightly tacky ‘satin black’ finish it’s robustly built.

Roth Audio Bar 1

The system takes no time at all to setup. The soundbar and subwoofer talk to each other automatically when you first fire them up, but should the connection drop out then pairing buttons on both units get everything up and running again (blue lights indicate when a connection is made).

It’s easy to access the sockets too, and although we weren’t prepared to drill holes in our test room, wall mounting looks fairly straightforward.

With so few functions on board, the remote control is simple to operate. It sports just eight buttons – main and subwoofer volume controls, mute, surround, input and power – and fits snugly in the hand with its curved back-end.