Rock Xtreme 770 T7800-8800 Review - Rock Xtreme 770 T7800-8800 Review

What conclusions can we draw from all this? First, don’t misconstrue the inability to play Crysis at high settings and native resolution as a sign that the 8800M GTX isn’t up to its task. Frankly, we never expected to do so and the fact you can get playable frame rates at medium settings is praiseworthy enough. Fine, it isn’t as good looking as when on high, but if you’re really serious about playing the game you shouldn’t be using a notebook.

Moreover, Crysis is a freak – a one off compared to anything else that is out there. There’s nothing else available that is anywhere near as demanding, with no prospect of anything matching it anytime soon. Taking Crysis out of the equation for a moment, it’s perfectly possible to play the likes of Episode Two, Team Fortress 2 at high settings with little or no difficulty. Much the same can be said of Bioshock and other Unreal Engine 3 based titles, something that couldn’t be said of the 8700M GT and especially not of the 8600M GT or ATI’s Mobility Radeon HD2600.

In short, in the 8800M GTX we finally have a genuine gaming part for the DX10 generation. Obviously, it’s still not quite as fast its desktop equivalents, but it’s more than comparable, which is a massive step forward to what was available before. But what of the Rock machine that houses it, is this the perfect gaming notebook?

Well, we liked the chassis before and we still do. It has its idiosyncrasies, but the superb display and otherwise tidy and understated design sway opinion in its favour. Frankly, seeing the number of ugly “gaming” notebooks flaunted around with such regularity, this approach is something of a relief.

Unsurprisingly, the only area of complaint is in pricing. At over £2,000 this is a hefty investment, even for a gaming notebook, and for the majority it’ll simply be too much to ask. Clearly, being first to market with the 8800M GTX has given Rock a license to charge a premium and unless you must have the best before anyone else or simply have money to burn, it would be well worth waiting for competitors to catch up and for the market to even out. In addition, although adding HD DVD as standard is an attractive proposition, we’re certain many gamers out there would happily surrender it for a more reasonable price.

Despite these reservations this is the fastest and most convincing gaming notebook available today, which in itself is a significant accolade. Thus, if you have a need/desire for a gaming notebook and the money to burn, this is the notebook for you.


If you’re after the fastest and most competent gaming notebook available look no further, this is it. Rock’s X770 T7800-8800 is a well featured machine that’s blisteringly quick, with an nVidia 8800M GTX that will make mincemeat of most games you throw at it and an HD DVD drive for high definition films. Just remember to earn lots of money first.

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