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The other side of the sound equation isn’t quite so annoying though. While I’ve been reviewing this notebook I’ve been keeping an eye on the Olympics, thanks to the BBC live Internet feeds, and the sound produced by the integrated speakers is pretty good. There’s still a distinct lack of bass, but the sound is definitely superior to the vast majority of notebooks that I’ve looked at.

Rounding off the Rock package is a very nice leather carrying case, to keep your notebook safe. You also get a three-year collect and return warranty, which should take some of the worry out of ownership.

Performance wise, the Rock really does leave its identical Evesham cousin standing. In SYSmark 2002 the Rock managed an overall score of 267 compared to 207 on the Evesham. Likewise the PCMark score of 3858 is far superior to the Evesham’s 2645. However, all that extra performance comes at a price, and whereas the Evesham X5 cost £1,349, the Rock will set you back a not insignificant £1,761.33. Of course, if you want the latest components, like the 2GHz Pentium M, you’re going to have to pay dearly.

Although the cost of the Rock is high, the components are good and the performance is very strong. But unfortunately the chassis isn’t quite up to the job, and at this price I would expect something a little better. For me, the keyboard was a major issue, although like I said, other users who typed more slowly weren’t so frustrated. That said, Rock has been in this business a long time, and I would hope that a company with that much experience will address the issues with the Pegasus Ti and make it a better notebook.


The Rock Pegasus Ti is a good looking notebook with a large widescreen display. The performance and specification are both strong, but the price is correspondingly high. However, the keyboard is a major issue and ultimately made it difficult for me to work on this machine. With this in mind, if you’re considering the Pegasus Ti, I would suggest trying out the keyboard first.

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