Porsche Cayman 2.9 PDK - Sport Chrono Package


The most obvious element of Porsche’s £520 Sport Chrono Package Plus is the dash-mounted stopwatch. Frankly, it’s a bit of a gimmick and looks a bit cheap perched atop the dash, too. But don’t let that fool you, Sport Chrono comprises a wide range of features.

First up, there’s a lap timer and data logger. Track time isn’t part of our testing, but it looks like a pretty comprehensive system. It’ll keep you updated with how your current lap compares with your previous best, shows the remaining tank range, how many laps you’ve completed and more. Even better, you can download the data onto a USB key or via Bluetooth for further analysis or transfer to another Porsche with Sport Chrono for comparison.

Sport Chrono also includes upgrades for the Cayman’s chassis and drivetrain systems. Enhanced throttle mapping makes the flat-six engine even more responsive, for instance. The operation of the PDK twin-clutch gearbox receives additional profiles, too. The most spectacular is Launch Mode which is a sort of officially sanctioned, robotised drivetrain brutality. At standstill the engine revs are increased to 6,500rpm, the clutch is unceremoniously dumped and the car takes off as though it was rear ended by a freight train. Lots of fun, but probably not a feature you’d want to indulge in often.

Sport Chrono also offers a speedier PDK mode for gearchanges, really slamming the cogs home as you blat up and down the box.