Polar RCX5 Review - Pricing and verdict Review


Cyclists can add a cycling cadence sensor

to their cyberman training get-up. Perhaps more importantly to some, the watch, stride sensor and the heart rate

monitor are waterproof to 30 metres, something only the bulky Garmin 310 can

claim in the Forerunner range, making them perfect for triathletes.

The RCX5 also does a great job of reporting your data via the watch itself,

allowing you to view at a phenomenal amount of information about each session

on the dispay without having to upload your stats and visit the website to

analyse your workout.

We were less impressed with the price, at £323 for the GPS model, and at an

extra £109 for the S3 stride sensor, you’ll be shedding the pounds in more ways

than one.

Other packages breakdown as follows:

  • Polar RCX5 with Heart Rate Monitor – £267.50
  • RCX5 Run, which includes the above plus the S3 stride sensor £329.50
  • Polar RCX5 BIKE includes CS speed sensor, HRM and bike mount £296.37


  • G5 GPS sensor £ 110.46
  • S3 stride sensor £109


The RCX5 is a training watch with a difference. While it doesn’t have

built-in GPS, it is thinner and easier to use than many of its rivals, it’s

waterproof and it records vast amounts of data in a way which is easy to

interpret. It’s not perhaps the best all in one solution if you’re just into getting out and about and tracking where you’ve been but if you really want to improve your fitness, the Polar RCX5

means business.


Score in detail

  • Usability 9
  • Features 6
  • Value 6
  • Design 7