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So far so good, but how does it cope with movies? Very well actually. Images are bright and punchy, with solid contrast, vibrant colours and well-defined edges.

But its most impressive talent is detail reproduction. The opening shot of ”Iron Man”, showing the barren landscape of the Afghan desert, is reproduced with gob-smacking sharpness. The Philips easily picks out the texture of the rocks in the foreground, the tiny shrubs on the ground and the detail on the mountains in the background.

Further into the film we see Tony Stark in his dingy cave workshop, and the deck’s excellent contrast keeps detail visible within the shadows. When he bursts out in the makeshift Iron Man suit, the clarity of the surrounding scenery in the bright sunlight is glorious.

Inevitably, it’s not all good news – the picture is quite noisy at times, some camera pans judder in 24fps mode and blacks aren’t quite inky enough. These aren’t major problems, just slight niggles that stop this player from scaling the same heights as the best decks on the market.

Upscaled DVDs look clean and sharp, with low levels of noise and fluid motion tracking. This is borne out by the Silicon Optix DVD which throws up no nasty surprises – jaggies are competently suppressed and detail is crisp.

Sonically there are no complaints either. Decoded Dolby TrueHD sounds scintillating through a decent receiver – check out the Tony Stark’s Jericho missile demo for proof – and CD playback through the stereo outputs is warm and detailed.


Although the BDP3000 lacks a variety of features, such as DTS HD Master Audio decoding, built-in memory and USB media playback, they’re the sort of things you can live without, particularly at this price. But when it comes to the important stuff like build quality, ease of use and picture quality, the BDP3000 delivers the goods, making this a great choice if you want to get into Blu-ray on a tight budget.


Score in detail

  • Performance 8
  • Design 9
  • Features 7
  • Value 9