Pentax K-01 - Pentax K-01 – Sample Images: ISO Performance Review


Pentax K-01 ISO 100
ISO 100 is sharp, detailed and free of noise.

Pentax K-01 ISO 200
ISO 200 shows no discernable change from ISO 100.

Pentax K-01 ISO 400
At ISO 400 image quality is still very good with no noticeable noise.

Pentax K-01 ISO 800
ISO 800 shows the merest hint of softening, but only at 100% and you really have to look hard for it.

Pentax K-01 ISO 1600
By ISO 1600 some softening of the image has begun to occur, but overall quality is still very good.

Pentax K-01 ISO 3200
By ISO 3200 this softening has become more pronounced, especially in shadow areas.

Pentax K-01 ISO 6400
ISO 6400 is the cut-off point in terms of overall quality, with images much more noticeably affected by noise.

Pentax K-01 ISO 12800
ISO 12,800 and overall image quality is starting to plummet.

Pentax K-01 ISO 25600
The extended setting of ISO 25,600 is best avoided if possible.