Patriot Torqx Solid State Disk 128GB - PCMark Vantage Results Review

PCMark Vantage running on a fresh install of Vista tells a different story, however.

As you can see we have two results for the Torqx here. The Pre-Wipe result is after the drive has been filled, then formatted. This is pretty much the worst case scenario for this SSD as it is now full of data – however, despite the performance degradation factor, the Torqx still manages to consistently outperform the Kingston.

Post-Wipe is after using the Performance Restore Utility, which should restore the drive to ‘as new’ performance. Indeed we see a dramatic improvement here, and Patriot’s SSD now beats the OCZ Vertex in several tests while becoming the undisputed performance champion in the video editing test.

So far, though, Intel remains the overall winner.