Panasonic TH-65VX100E 65in Plasma Screen Review - Panasonic TH-65VX100E Review


Another high-end innovation that helps explain the £8k price is a newly developed phosphor material process technology, which joins forces with a new optical filter system to produce a much wider colour gamut than usual. So much so, in fact, that the 65VX1000E’s colour range is claimed to be pretty much as extensive as that found in the professional digital cinema world.

Then there’s the screen’s use of extremely powerful 18-bit signal processing, designed to deliver a huge 7,160 steps of light-to-dark gradations and, we’d presume, immaculately smooth, stripe-free colour blends.

Another intriguing, humble and yet sensible touch for a screen aimed at as high an end of the market as the 65VX100E is the option to turn off its internal video processing. This enables you to enjoy, more purely, the benefits of an external video processor such as, say, the DVDO iScan VP50Pro we reviewed a few weeks back.

Finally, the 65VX100E sports a really extreme amount of image fine-tuning options – including a decently sophisticated colour management system – tucked away within the surprisingly straightforward on-screen menus. These adjustments should be easily numerous enough, I would have thought, to satisfy all but the most extreme and anal of custom installation tweakers.

So far, the 65VX100E has done enough to at least start to turn me around on its price. But it’s still definitely time for the fine specification talk to end and the business of wowing me with its pictures to begin.

At which point I might as well lay my cards straight on the table and say that I am writing this review from a position of already being officially wowed. With knobs on. And that’s saying something considering that I’m looking at it immediately after also suffering wowage at the hands of JVC’s sensational DLA-HD350 projector a couple of days ago.

Seriously, there’s simply nothing about the picture quality produced from the 65VX100E that’s anything less than stunning – and in some areas, it’s truly groundbreaking.

This latter description certainly applies to the TV’s colour response. For I really have not seen a more realistic colour palette on a TV before. The subtlety with which the 65VX100E portrays even the finest of colour blends is unprecedented, for instance, having a particularly profound impact on skin tones so that they look so real you feel you could reach out and stroke them – were you so inclined…

Also nothing short of mesmerising is the exquisite amount of fine detail in the picture. Inevitably for its money the 65VX100E is a Full HD screen, so I’d kind of expected its 65in size to reveal every last detail in any HD picture I cared to throw at it. But I wasn’t prepared for how completely free of video noise its pictures were, a fact which takes the impression of clarity to a level I’ve honestly not experienced before on a flat TV.

This huge TV really, really loves the smaller things in AV life, and it’s this more than any other single factor which makes it stand out from the mainstream hordes.

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