palmOne Zire 72 – PDA - Digital Images Review


Below are some digital images taken with the Zire 72. The images are obviously compressed to fit the page, and are shown as a general guide to quality.

”’In this picture of what looks like Mr McGreggors garden, the foreground is well resolved, but the detail in the shadowed background is completely lost.”’

”’Here we have the opposite problem where Beatrix Potter’s house is fine, but the foreground is so overexposed that all detail is washed out.”’

”’This shot shows the lens flare that plagues shots taken in bright sunlight.”’

”’But as you can see from this shot, if the lighting is right, you can get some fairly good results with the Zire 72.”’

”’This photo of original drawings of the real Peter Rabbit shows that it’s possible to achieve decent restuls inside, and in low light.”’


Score in detail

  • Usability 9
  • Value 8
  • Features 9