Palm Pre 2 Review

Key Specifications

  • Review Price: £399.00

Sporting a relatively small 3.1in touchscreen and overall specs that hardly set the pulse racing, the Palm Pre 2 probably doesn’t immediately appeal to those looking for the latest and greatest smartphone. However, with some nice hardware touches and possibly the best mobile phone operating system available, WebOS 2.0, this is still one handset that’s well worth considering.

Now, we’ve already covered the merits of WebOS 2.0 so we encourage you to give that a read as well if you’re thinking of buying this phone. As such we won’t dwell on the software here but instead we’ll take a look at the hardware the Palm Pre 2 brings to the table and how the software’s been implemented on it.

The most immediately obvious thing about the Palm Pre 2 is that its design hasn’t changed much from that of its predecessors the Palm Pre and Palm Pre Plus. The same pebble-like stubby design is present, along with the same size screen and, when you slide the phone open, a very similar looking keyboard.

For those hoping Palm would finally release a touchscreen-only smartphone this is obviously a disappointment but on most other levels it’s not a problem. While a tad thick, with dimensions of 100.7mm x 59.6mm x 16.9mm, it’s more pocketable than many of the monster phones we’ve seen of late and the rounded back and sides makes it wonderfully comfortable to hold, as does the soft-touch plastic finish that replaces the glossy black of old.

One particularly neat (and unique) trick up the sleeve of the Palm Pre 2 comes courtesy its back plate, which covers the 1150mAh battery and SIM slot. Incorporated into this is wireless charging technology that when coupled with the Palm TouchStone wireless charger (available separately for £39.99 from the Palm store) allows you to simply place the phone on the charger and it will start charging – no plugging in necessary. The charger houses a magnet so keeps the phone securely in place. Once on the TouchStone, the new WebOS software allows you set the phone to start a TouchStone mode, whereby it can display various information like calendar entries, emails and the time, for reading at a glance.