Orange SPV M5000 – 3G Smartphone - Orange SPV M5000 Review


The SPV M5000 has two digital cameras. One is a 1.3 megapixel device for taking still images and video – the latter can be recorded as MPEG 4 or motion JPEG, but the resolution is limited to 320 x 240. The second camera is limited to low resolution for video calls.

All the memory in the SPV M5000 is non-volatile so if you happen to let the battery run down completely you won’t lose any data. There’s about 45MB for storage and around 50MB for programs – although 23MB of the program space is already taken. Of course if you need more storage space you can simply stick an SD card in – with 1GB SD cards going for around £50 these days, you’ll be able to store a fair amount of data and media on the SPV M5000 without breaking the bank.

The SPV M5000 charges over USB and has a standard mini-USB connector. I’m a firm believer that every device should charge this way, then the business traveller doesn’t have to carry loads of chargers with him/her, instead just charging everything from their laptop. In the box there’s a mini-USB to USB cable and a mains charger with a mini-USB connector – the beauty of the latter is that you should be able to charge other devices with it too.

Also in the box is a stereo headset, but don’t expect amazing sound quality from it when you’re listening to music. Thankfully the SPV M5000 uses a standard 3.5mm headphone jack so you can use a decent set of headphones, although then you won’t get the hands-free functionality. But since the M5000 has integrated Bluetooth, you’re more likely to be using a Bluetooth headset than a wired hands-free anyway.

The M5000 runs Windows Mobile 5.0 Phone Edition, which is the latest version of Pocket PC for smartphones. If there’s criticism that I have of Windows Mobile 5.0 it’s that you need to use ActiveSync 4.0, which no longer allows you to synchronise over WiFi – a bit of a shame for a WiFi enabled device.