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It’s the 3G support that makes the SPV M5000 such a joy to have with me wherever I go. Being able to download my emails quickly, while browsing the web makes my life out of the office far simpler. But even better than that is the ability to logon to my instant messenger from anywhere. To be fair, a GPRS connected device can happily run your instant messenger service, but with the SPV M5000 you can chat on IM while browsing the web or downloading emails.

But you’re not limited to using 3G for your data needs, because the SPV M5000 also has integrated WiFi. Many network operators have shied away from WiFi enabled devices because they can potentially take data revenue away. Of course this is true, but I’m always happy to see the consumer given the choice.

So, although you can happily serve all your data needs via your 3G connection, if you have access to a WiFi network you can use that instead. But WiFi doesn’t just affect the network operators when it comes to data, it can also affect voice based revenue streams.

By installing Skype onto the SPV M5000 you could make free phone calls to your Skype connected buddies anywhere in the world – assuming that they’re at their computers of course. You do need a pretty beefy processor to use the Windows Mobile version of Skype, but the SPV M5000 is up to the job – the 520MHz Intel PXA270 chip is more than capable of running Skype.

The 3.7in transflective screen has a resolution of 640 x 480 – this makes it quite usable as a pocket office, if you regularly find yourself writing Word documents or sending and reading emails. In landscape mode the screen is even usable for viewing regular web pages – although graphic heavy pages will still be a bit of a problem.

The left side of the screen is taken up by the Orange menu strip, which you’ll see on pretty much every Orange handset. However, with a screen this big the Orange menu isn’t as intrusive as it would be on a regular handset – also it’s very easy to disable to Orange menu on the SPV M5000.