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The model 01 ships in two flavours, one with Microsoft Office installed and one without – the former will set you back £1,694.95, with the latter costing £1,484.95. Personally I’d probably go for the version without Office, but then I’d be using the model 01 in conjunction with a full size PC – I guess if you were using a model 01 as your only PC, you might want to have Office bundled.

I can’t deny that I love the model 01, but then again I also loved the VAIO Type U. However, I loved the Type U more for its cool, stylish design, rather than its ability to actually be useful. But things are very different with the model 01 – yes I love the way the model 01 looks with its minimalist industrial design, but I also found OQO’s baby to be a genuinely useful mobile tool. While I’ve been evaluating the model 01 I’ve stopped carrying around a notebook, since I can do pretty much anything I need to do on the move with the OQO. OK, I wouldn’t want to spend all day typing on the integrated keyboard, but as I’ve proved with this review, you can type a fairly hefty document if you need to.

The OQO model 01 isn’t cheap, but if you’re caught in that middle ground where a PDA isn’t powerful enough, but you don’t want a fully fledged notebook, it’s definitely worth considering.


The model 01 is a beautifully designed, and well thought out mobile computing system. Although I had initial reservations about its real world usefulness, the more I used this pocket sized PC, the more reliant on it I became. Anyone who looks at the model 01 and just sees it as a cool gadget is missing the point, this is a fully featured PC that’s small and light enough to be with you all day, every day. I can’t wait to see what OQO comes up with next.


Score in detail

  • Performance 8
  • Value 7
  • Features 10