Optoma PK201 - Picture Quality and Verdict



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Couple the adequate black level with the brightness already described, and you also get a solid colour response, at least in terms of saturation levels.

Another strength finds the PK201’s pictures looking decently sharp and detailed for such a small projector.

One final strength of the projector’s performance is that it runs almost silently, even if you choose its highest lamp output setting (which we strongly recommend that you do). This compares well with the noisy running of the PK301.

On the downside, the PK201’s pictures aren’t as bright as those of Optoma’s PK301. Though given that model’s much higher price point, this is fair enough. More alarming is the fact that the PK201’s pictures also aren’t as bright as those of Samsung’s H03 pocket projector, which we reviewed last week and which actually costs a chunk of change less than this Optoma.

Colours, meanwhile, aren’t as natural in tone as those of either the PK301 or the Samsung H03, looking a bit over-ripe and noisy. There’s also a little dotting noise in dark scenes.

Predictably, the sound from the 0.5W built-in speaker doesn’t exactly raise the roof. But it is actually clearer and thus more audible than expected, and so could fairly be considered a modest success given that it’s coming from such a tiny body.


It’s actually the PK201’s tiny size that most defines our overall opinion of it as a product. For while Optoma’s PK301 and Samsung’s H03 perform better and, in the Samsung’s case, also represent better value, if you’re after a relatively casual projector that genuinely fits into your pocket as easily as an iPhone, it’s well worth considering.