Onkyo TX-NR5010 Review - Features Review


Onkyo TX-NR5010 – Home Cinema

£3,000 is a hefty price tag, but you certainly get an awful lot of technology for your money. The TX-NR5010 is absolutely crammed full of features, to the point where you might wonder if you’ll ever get round to using it all.
Onkyo TX-NR5010
Let’s start with this unit’s bread and butter – home cinema. This nine-channel receiver can decode every flavour of Dolby and DTS, as well as offering Dolby Pro Logic IIz, DTS Neo:X and Audyssey DSX processing to deliver atmospheric front height channels (and front width in the case of Neo:X and DSX). Power output is quoted as 220W per channel, and the THX Ultra 2 Plus certification means it ticks all the boxes for larger home cinema rooms (up to 85 cubic metres with a viewing distance of around 3.5m).

There’s also an all-star line-up of video features, including IDT’s HQV Vida VHD1900 processor, 4K upscaling courtesy of Marvell’s QDEO technology (one for the future) and ISF calibration tools.

Onkyo TX-NR5010 – Online Audio

But a major attraction for many buyers will be the unit’s plentiful network functionality. First up is a range of music streaming and internet radio services, including Spotify, vTuner, Simfy, Last.fm, AUPEO! and MP3tunes (you’ll need a premium account for Spotify). What’s more the unit’s DLNA support means you can stream your own music from media servers, and with a list of supported formats that should keep music lovers very happy indeed – MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless, FLAC and WMA Lossless.

Like most AV receivers, the unit doesn’t feature Wi-Fi out of the box but if you want to avoid Ethernet then Onkyo sells a wireless LAN adapter (UWF-1) for around £40. An optional Bluetooth adapter (UBT-1) provides an even easier way of listening to your tunes from mobile devices.
Onkyo TX-NR5010
Onkyo’s advanced 32-bit DSP chip also conjures up the usual cavalcade of sound modes, including four settings for gaming (Rock, Sports, Action and RPG), Theater-Dimensional, several THX presets and music modes like Orchestra, Unplugged and All Channel Stereo.

The NR5010 also comes equipped with seven TI Burr Brown 192kHz/32-bit DACs, Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry (VLSC), Phase-Locked Loop jitter-cleaning circuit technology and gold-plated speaker posts and input jacks.

Onkyo TX-NR5010 – DTS Neo:X

Finally this wouldn’t be a Onkyo amp without a couple of world firsts – it’s the first to offer DTS Neo:X 11-channel upmixing support from the 11.4 pre-outs, as well as being one of the first consumer electronics products to incorporate Cisco Linksys’ SimpleTap router connection technology, which simplifies how it connects to a network.