OneClick TV/AV IntelliPlug Review - OneClick TV/AV IntelliPlug Review


It’s probably not difficult to guess what the ‘Sky Digibox’ socket is meant to accommodate either. But more than blatant marketing for what is undoubtedly the most popular decoder box in the UK, this socket actually serves a special purpose. It will switch the Digibox (or potentially some other decoder) off together with the rest of the gear, but after thirty seconds it switches it back on into standby mode, allowing it to receive updates.

It’s unique features like this that make the IntelliPlugs just that bit more interesting and attractive than the competition. But the IntelliPlug TV (as I’ve decided to call it) has a few more tricks under its plain hood. For example, it puts things back into the power state they were in when switched off, meaning that if your Xbox 360 was humming away when you switched your TV off, it’ll be back to its audibly ‘on’ state when you switch the master device back on again. OneClick also employs a technology it calls Zero Crossing Detection, which supposedly reduces stress on devices when switching them on and off.

Of course, the remote sensor is the highlight of the whole experience, so it’s a good thing that it works and works well. Setup is really simple too: plug the OneClick into the wall, hook up the TV and other devices you don’t mind being turned off (obviously this does not include DVD or Video-recorders, Sky+ or other PVRs), and then follow the simple instructions in the manual to sync up the remote sensor to your television’s remote control. Just keep in mind that until you’ve completed this process, the IntelliPlug won’t work, which momentarily made me think it was broken. No worries if you lose your remote though, as the plug can be fully controlled using the sensor button.

Other things to keep in mind are that it might take a while for the OneClick to start up and shut down your gear (and don’t be alarmed by the sound it makes when doing this, a bit like a fuse blowing but quieter), so be patient instead of pressing the button like a lunatic as I initially did, and all should be well. Also, though the IntelliPlug TV/AV can be used with your computer, it is not suitable for use with a notebook (apparently the battery might confuse the OneClick Auto Calibration system).

So when all is said and done, is the TV/AV IntelliPlug worth getting? Well, for a very reasonable £17 it pretty much does what it says on the tin, so that really depends on you and your setup. The larger the size of your television, and the more gear you have hooked up to it, the more electricity you’ll potentially waste, and the more reason there is to get OneClick’s little gizmo. But even if your AV setup is small-scale, it’s the pennies that make the pounds, and unless you do a lot of recording with your secondary device(s), it ”will” make a perceptible difference over time.


It’s not exactly pretty and doesn’t feature impeccable build-quality overall, but the OneClick TV/AV IntelliPlug does what it says on the box, potentially reducing the amount of electricity you waste and thereby helping both the planet (albeit ever so little) and your wallet. At a mere £17, this could pay for itself quicker than you might think.

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