OmniPage Professional 16 - OmniPage Professional 16 Review


Having scanned a document and recognised its characters, the program then proof read it and claimed 100 per cent accuracy, even though there were two instances of the same typo in the text. Just because the reading of ‘tor’ as ‘for’ still gives a legitimate word, doesn’t mean it’s accurate.

OmniPage did complete the recognition in just over two seconds, which is quick, and even a more complex page with graphics and boxed text took under 10 seconds. This page needed more preparation before we could get an editable document with a reasonable likeness of the original. We had to outline the areas of the page which we wanted treated as text, rather than leaving OmniPage on automatic.

Even here, there are noticeable discrepancies. Some are understandable, like misreading of coloured text from the original, while others, such as differences in font and text style, are less acceptable. Some of the text has been put in boxes on the Word 2003 page we created, while the rest is made into the body text. Furthermore, there are a variety of indents and line spaces, even though all the text has the same left-hand margin in the original.

It’s easy enough to save OCRed documents in any of the supported file types, including Word 2007’s docx, Adobe’s PDF, WordPerfect X3, and WAV for audio reproduction. The text-to-speech conversion is particularly good and, although US accented, sounds comparatively natural and expressive.

If you don’t need PaperPort or PDF Converter and can do without some of the more corporate features of OmniPage Professional 16 like OCR of forms, blacking out (aka redacting) words and the Batch Processing Manager, then the standard OmniPage 16 costs around £60 – a big saving over the Professional version.


The improvements flagged up for OmniPage Professional 16 would all be useful, but from our tests, there’s still some way to go for the software to fulfil them. For batch processing of long, standard text documents there’s little doubt the software can save a lot of time, but for more complex pages where there’s significant graphics content it can still struggle to get close to what you scanned.


Score in detail

  • Features 7
  • Value 7
  • Usability 6