Olympus Tough TG-820 Review - Sample Images: ISO Performance Review


Olympus TG-820 ISO 100
At ISO 100 the Olympus TG-820 produces clean, noise-free images.

Olympus TG-820 ISO 200
ISO 200 is similarly free of noise with good shadow detail.

Olympus TG-820 ISO 400
At ISO 400 a hint of noise creeps in, but it’s not to any great detriment of general image quality.

Olympus TG-820 ISO 800
ISO 800 is where noise becomes more visible, even at smaller image sizes.

Olympus TG-820 ISO 1600
ISO 1600 shows a marked softening and loss of detail as the TG-820’s noise-reduction kicks in.

Olympus TG-820 ISO 3200
ISO 3200 sees a huge drop in image quality with shadow areas reduced to an indistinguishable blur.

Olympus TG-820 ISO 6400
You’ll be able to get an image in very dim light at ISO 6400 but the image quality will be dreadful.