Olympus PEN E-PL3 - Sample Images: ISO Performance Review


EPL3 ISO 200
As this 100% crop shows, images shot at the baseline ISO 200 are sharp and noise free.

EPL3 ISO 400
At ISO 400 images are still sharp and noise free.

EPL3 ISO 800
BY ISO 800 shadow area detail has begun to break down although images at this sensitivity still remain perfectly usable.

EPL3 ISO 1600
By ISO 1600 detail has begun to soften in the midtone areas as the E-PL3’s noise reduction algorithms kick in.

EPL3 ISO 3200
At ISO 3200 noise has become fairly widespread, resulting in a softening of detail throughout the image.

EPL3 ISO 6400
By ISO 6400 colour has begun to degenerate as well as detail.

EPL3 ISO 12800
The top setting of ISO 12,800 is really for emergencies only.