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  • Review Price: £359.00

OKI produces a wide range of mono and colour business laser printers. The C5250n sits in the middle of its colour laser range, with high quoted page speeds and a simple layout which should make maintenance easy. It also offers what OKI calls Photo Enhance, designed to produce high-quality photo images on plain paper.

Colour laser printers fall into two design categories. There are carousel machines, which move the toner and drum cartridges round a carousel to apply each colour, and then there’s the inline design, where all four colours are applied in turn, in a single pass. The C5250n is an inline machine, so it’s potentially quite quick, but is also physically deep, in comparison with the more boxy HP and Epson devices.

Alone among colour business printer makers, OKI doesn’t make laser printers. In OKI machines, the high intensity light needed to discharge the photoconductor drum comes from a strip of high-intensity LEDs, rather than a laser beam. This makes the company’s printers simpler in design, while still producing a print of laser quality.

The C5250n is a comparatively squat machine, with a 300-sheet paper tray sliding in at the base and paper running an s-shaped paper path before feeding out to the machine’s top cover. A multi-purpose tray, which can take up to 100 more sheets of special media, folds down from the front face of the printer.

Just above the multi-purpose tray is a small control panel, consisting of six buttons, two indicator lights and a two-line by 16 character, backlit LCD display. This gives enough extra information, including when it’s receiving print data, to be a useful adjunct to the printer driver.

The C2520n is provided with a USB 2.0 port and, because of the ‘n’ option, an Ethernet port for direct network printing.

When you lift the top cover of the printer to install the consumables, all the part numbers for toner, drum, fuser and transfer belt are helpfully listed on a label at the front. Each of the four drum and toner units can be easily lifted out for replacement and in each case the toner hopper can be unclipped from the top of the drum, if you just need to add more toner. All consumables are supplied fitted to the machine, which makes initial set-up quick and easy.

Software is also easy to install and the driver provides multi-page per sheet and watermark options, though no help with manual duplexing.

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