OKI C310dn



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Key Features

  • Review Price: £309.98

With companies like Brother, and most recently Dell, getting in on the LED printer market, it’s good to look at one of the latest offerings from the pioneer of the technology, OKI. The C310dn is a mid-range machine, designed for the small office or work group.

It sits quite squat on the desk, but is deeper than many printers of its type, as the drums and their respective toner cartridges fit one behind the other from front to back. Without the bulk of a laser mechanism to illuminate the drum, the high-intensity LED strips sit neatly between the cartridges, suspended from the lid of the printer.

The control panel is very simple, with just five buttons, including a four-way selection ring. There are two indicator lights up front, labelled Ready and Attention and a 2-line by 16-character, backlit LCD display. The backlight is bright blue, which looks funky, but it reduces the contrast between the backlight and the black characters.

The main paper tray at the bottom of the front panel takes up to 250-sheets and a multipurpose tray, which folds down from above this, holds an extra 100 sheets. A second, 250-sheet tray is available as an option. At the back, behind a cover that unclips from the rear of the right-hand side, are sockets for USB and 10/100 Ethernet.

OKI provides host-based drivers for Windows and OS X and a number of small applets for managing consumables, network connection, print templates and colour swatches.

The drum unit and its four toner cartridges are provided in situ and you only have to lift the lid, peel back packaging tapes and slide the blue plastic shutters on the toner cartridges across for them to feed toner into the printer. Setup couldn’t be much simpler.