OCZ Tech Agility Series 120GB SSD - Value and Conclusion Review


Time to see if OCZ’s latest SSD is worth the cash, since at £287 it demands a good chunk of change. While in the United States the Agility matches its intended “mainstream” price point, as it’s available for a mere $270 (£162!), in rip-off Britain we pay nearly double at £287, or £333 from most stores. This puts the Agility in a somewhat tricky position, as this is getting close to the £317 of OCZ’s own higher-end 120GB Vertex. However, despite what OCZ might claim, in our tests the Vertex was by no means a clear winner, and in fact we’d probably say that overall, the Agility manages to out-manoeuvre it. While this might in part be due to newer firmware, at the very least it means this mainstream SSD is no slouch and you’ll likely be happy with its performance.

Another interesting option is Patriot’s TorqX SSD, which is available for exactly the same price. Even with our revised testing figures the Agility beats it in most scenarios, but given the relatively small margin in most real-world scenarios, many might think Patriot’s more generous bundle and truly class-leading 10-year warranty (compared to three years for OCZ’s ranges) is worth the difference.


With its 120GB Agility, OCZ has created an SSD drive that performs well for a fairly competitive price, so it’s well worth considering.


Score in detail

  • Value 7