OCZ Tech Agility Series 120GB SSD - Gaming and Windows Boot Results Review


For the gamers out there, we load up a timedemo of Crysis at minimal detail to get an idea of how this SSD performs at loading levels.

No surprises here. This is the one scenario where a good old (albeit very fast, 10,000rpm Western-Digital VelociRaptor) moving-parts hard drive is still king, and if you can’t afford Intel there’s little difference between our latest Indilinx SSDs.

Finally we take a look at boot, restart and shutdown times of a clean Windows Vista install on our test system.

This appears to be a slight chink in the Agility’s armour, as the only area where it wins is in shutting down the computer – the least important of the three. Mind you, it still solidly trashes both the Raptor and Intel’s oddly inconsistently-performing drive, and doesn’t fall far behind its other rivals either.