nVidia GeForce GTX 285 - Call Of Duty 4 Review


Call of Duty 4 has to be one of our favourite games of 2007. It brought the Call of Duty brand bang up to date and proved that first person shooters didn’t need to have the best graphics, or the longest game time. It was just eight hours of pure adrenaline rush that constantly kept you on edge.

We test using the 32-bit version of the game patched to version 1.4. FRAPS is used to record frame rates while we manually walk through a short section of the second level of the game. We find a frame rate of 30fps is quite sufficient because, although the atmosphere is intense, the gameplay is less so – it doesn’t hang on quick reactions and high-speed movement. All in-game settings are set to their maximum and we test with 0xAA and 4xAF.

All the cards on test today would make for a good option when playing this game but the GTX 285 again proves it’s the fastest single-GPU card available. What is interesting, though, is how good the HD 4870 X2 is. It’s only 35 per cent more expensive but is delivering a 60 per cent performance improvement over the GTX 285.