Nokia Purity On-Ear - Nokia Purity On-Ear


An always pleasing touch is that the cable is modular, with a 3.5mm headphone socket present on the left earcup.

The cable itself has a flat profile, which is supposed to help reduce tangling. In our tests on other headphones that sport a similar cable design we’ve found this claim generally does hold up, though not always. All the Nokia Purity On-Ear we saw were tangle free but many attendants were on hand to keep them looking tip top.

Nokia Purity On-Ear

Just in line with your mouth there’s a microphone incorporated into the cable while further down is a little remote that include volume, call and playback controls. Of course this worked on the demo phones though, understandably, it didsn’t also play ball with our iPhone 4S – the phones still played music, though.

Nokia Purity On-Ear 1

Noise isolation from the earcups alone is okay, with background hum and chatter reduced to a slightly less obtrusive level. You’ll certainly not block out a crying baby with them, though. Nonetheless, cranking up the ol’ tunes, these proved to be more than acceptable for a quick listening session in the packed Nokia World auditorium.

Nokia Purity On-Ear 4

So how do they sound? Well, unsurprisingly they’re very bassy, just like Monster’s Beats range. However, they managed to keep this power under control enough so as not to ruin things, and there was a pleasant sprinkling of top end clarity and mid-range warmth. We were actually quite taken with the performance.

Of course, that’s precisely what you’d expect considering these headphones are set to cost €200. And that’s also why we have to raise the proverbial eyebrow. They seem neither to have the brand cred’ nor the sound quality required for people to buy them separate from a Nokia phone yet they’re too expensive for people to be tempted to buy them as an ‘upgrade’ when purchasing a phone. We’ll wait and see just how well they perform in a more ideal environment before passing judgement but we’d be surprised if these sell like hotcakes.