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All this is before you even open up the N90, at which point you encounter both the stunning main screen and another swivel opportunity. At 352 x 416 pixels and offering 262 thousand colours in its 2.1 diagonal inches of space, the main screen really impresses – it is up there with the very best of them. When you’re using the main screen for framing stills and video, a pair of soft buttons unusually located at its top end come into play for choosing between options.

The screen section swivels through a little more than 90 degrees anticlockwise, and as soon as you move it away from its normal position, the screen turns into a viewfinder. Add in the fact that the clamshell hinge has two lock positions, one at 90 degrees and the other at approaching 180 degrees, and you’ll see that you have quite a lot of leeway in terms of how you can configure the N90 for photography of various types.

It is only by combining the various swivel options that you can get your own face into the frame to make video calls using 3G. In this configuration I felt that the N90 was a rather ungainly. I was uncomfortable holding such a large piece of kit to make video calls when out in public.

There is loads of software built in. Standard Series 60 fare such as the calendar, to do list and notes software which can synchronise with your PC, rub shoulders with a PDF viewer and the Quickoffice viewers for Word, Excel and PowerPoint for those who want to try to read such documents on the N90’s screen. There’s a voice command tool you access by pressing the camera shutter button when you are not trying to take a picture. It doesn’t need training, and made a good job of recognising the commands I threw at it.