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The default wallpaper is blue and purple with white text, adding to the low-key design, and the screen displays 16.7 million colours in its 2 diagonal inch, 320 x 240 pixels area. Taken as a whole we think Nokia has worked real wonders with the design and even provides a soft slip case and cleaning cloth so you can keep the handset in the style that befits its value.

So far, so good and I have to say that using this phone during the testing period was an absolute pleasure from the point of view of getting it out to make phone calls.

The 8600 Luna runs on the S40 platform, which means it has a slightly less sophisticated feature set than an S60 handset. This isn’t the pain that some might think. There is still plenty going on in the 8600 Luna and certainly enough to keep many of us happy. The phone has a calendar and can share data with your PC. You get the software and cable needed to get up and running with this.

It supports mobile email, has a Web browser, an FM radio, to do list, notes manager, alarm, stopwatch, countdown timer and calculator among its built in applications. Of course there is Bluetooth, but sadly there is no Wi-Fi.

As already noted, where this phone lets you down is in its music playback and photography departments. As far as the former is concerned the 128MB of built in memory is risible enough, but there’s also no way of expanding on this. We really can’t see the point of any mobile phone manufacturer building anything but the most basic of phones without memory expansion, and basic the 8600 Luna most certainly is not.

There’s an equaliser which makes some difference to playback quality and is useful, but it is countered by the inability to generate playlists. You either have to listen to all the tracks on board or select them one at a time. At least you can repeat and randomise.