Nokia 7373 Pink Phone - Nokia 7373 Review


The proprietary headset connector is a real bind. At least the headset quality is reasonable though I couldn’t detect a great deal of effect from the equaliser. You need to use the headset with the FM radio as it contains the antenna.

If you can live with all that then the battery life will surely put you off. I was so surprised at how poor it was, that I ran my usual music rundown test twice to make sure the first time wasn’t an aberration. First try: 2 hours 51 minutes, second try 2 hours 53 minutes. Also I found the phone got quite warm while the continuous music playback test was running. I’m not sure I’d want that in my pocket!

The camera shoots stills at resolutions up to 2-megapixels and video at 176 x 144 and 128 x 96. Image quality is OK but nothing to write home about. The coloured dish, like other indoor photos, came out dark and somewhat lacking in vibrancy. Outdoors the phone seems to let in plenty of light, but has trouble reproducing colours accurately.

Indoors and out, images lack definition. The yellow flowers are much brighter than the phone suggests, the red flower is a fairer representation of its deep crimson in the real world, but again it lacks definition.


If mid range is what you’re after, mid range is what you’ll get with the Nokia 7373. There is no reason I can think of why a ‘fashion phone’ like this one can’t have high spec features, but Nokia is not offering that option here.

The battery life is unforgivably woeful and drags the usability score right down. I’m surprised Nokia even contemplated bringing out a phone that can’t play music for three hours non stop.