Nokia 7373 Pink Phone - Nokia 7373 Review


This is a pretty small phone for the hand and pocket when closed measuring 88mm tall and 43mm wide. When opened it grows to about 145mm tall. It is thicker than many other mobiles at 23mm and weighs an acceptable 104g.

The number pad is pretty large taking up all the available space, and the same can be said for the Call and End buttons and two softkeys. The navigation pad is a little compromised for size, but it isn’t too small to be used with ease.

The front screen with its 320 x 240 pixels looks pretty sharp in the relatively small 2in physical space. However, the default theme with its yellow colour scheme clashes terribly with the pink shell. Switching to the only other theme available, Nokia’s standard blue one, wasn’t much better.

While I am grumbling about aesthetics I should also point out the charms which dangle off the end of the handset. They tangle in the fingers and pocket, and were removed within a few hours of the start of testing. Sadly there is no way to remove the silly cloth label that sits on one of the long edges. Well, no way except a carefully wielded pen-knife.

In terms of specifications this is a tri-band handset running S40. Though not as sophisticated as S60 there is still room here for features like the aforementioned camera, an FM radio and music player, calendar, voice dialling, voice recorder, stopwatch, calculator and alarm clock. Oh, and Bluetooth of course.

The phone boasts stereo speakers. If you look carefully at the image on this page you can see two teeny semi-circular dots immediately below the frame of the upper section. These are they.

I wouldn’t suggest you even consider using this phone for music playback, though. The 10MB of internal memory will soon get full if you can find a way to get tunes onto the handset – there is no USB connector. You can download over the air, use Bluetooth or use a microSD card. The slot is under the battery next to the SIM card, and my review sample came with a rather measly 128MB card.