Nokia 6120 classic - Nokia 6120 classic Review


Battery life impressed a lot. I got a shade under nine hours of continuous music from a full battery charge.

This being a 3G handset there are two cameras. The front one, sitting above the screen, is primarily for video calling but you can use it to shoot stills at 320 x 240 pixels. The back facing one starts at that resolution and moves in steps up to 1,600 x 1,200 (2-megapixels). It has a small flash but no self portrait mirror.

When using the main camera the screen flips into wide – panoramic – mode and you hold the phone on its side and use the side mounted button to take shots.

The camera proved to be disappointing. Indoor photos, like that of the coloured dish that is my standard comparative shot, taken under normal household lighting, were dull and lacking in lustre.

Outside colour reproduction was generally quite good, but images are highly compressed and as a result the blurring in the sample shots was a standard feature of photos. Nor does the camera cope well with light variations. The apples were shot against a bright blue sky, and the camera had a lot of trouble coping with delivering both colour variation and detail.

As for the rest of what you get on board, with S60 behind things there is little missing. Nokia salvages something by enabling you to switch the screen into wide mode, offering zooming features, and enabling you to home in on a section of a page. A thumbnail of a page is marked up with numberpad numbers and you press the number that denotes the bit you want to view. These things help, but they don’t make browsing a particularly productive experience.

Other applications include voice control, voice recorder, calendar, to do list manager, mobile email, note taker, calculator, clock with alarms, unit converter, IM client, the Adobe PDF reader, QuickOffice for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint viewing and three games. There is also text to speech for SMS, MMS and email – something we are seeing more and more of in Nokia’s handsets.


The 6120 classic does have its faults. The screen is too small for some activities on offer, and the buttons could have been made easier to hit. Overall though, this is a remarkable little phone ideal for anyone wanting to try S60 features in a small – and relatively low cost – handset.