Nissan Qashqai +2 n-tec 1.5dCi - Infotainment


In keeping with the rest of the car, there’s almost nothing on-screen, on the centre console, in the instrumentation or on the wheel that’s overly complex or confusing. Everything is clearly marked and operates intuitively and logically, assuming you don’t stray off piste with incompatible, or rather, not-fully-compatible peripherals (more on that later).

I think I resorted to the owner’s manual just twice during my one-week tenure. Once for the code to pair my iPhone for the first and only time, and once to figure out what the button marked with a curvy arrow over someone’s head is for. Although I stand to be corrected, the answer to the latter isn’t given in the manual, but a call to Nissan revealed it’s to direct more air to rear seat passengers. Simple, once you know…

The bright orange graphic display between the instruments permanently shows fuel level, outside temperature, coolant temperature, and time. (The hour is set manually, the seconds automatically by GPS.) The ‘i’ button on the 9 o’clock wheel spoke allows you to scroll through other readouts, namely: average speed, average fuel consumption and distance to empty. That most useless of readouts – instant fuel consumption – has been omitted.