Nissan Qashqai +2 n-tec 1.5dCi - Conclusion


As mentioned, this Qashqai is no rocketship, but with a little stirring of the gearstick coupled with an element of on-the-road foresight it can be hustled along an autoroute or a leafy Surrey B-road at adequate speed. Couple this with a frugal thirst, a 149g/km figure (£120 annual road tax) and lowly group 6 insurance, along of course with those seven seats and/or generous load space, and, apart from the optional £440 paintwork applied to our car, the £20,200 OTR Qashqai n-tec makes good sense (assuming of course that you are in the market for a brand new family car).

Despite the semi-incompatibility of my iPhone, the Nissan Connect system is simple, accessible, useful, intuitive and effective. Yes, there are plenty of more sophisticated, flashier infotainment platforms around, just as there are bigger, brawnier, costlier and uglier SUVs, but the Qashqai n-tec and its Connect system are accomplished and worthy compromises. Give it full iPhone compatibility and maybe another 50 horsepower and it’d be darned near perfect.