NetGear TA612V VoIP Router Review - NetGear TA612V


Logging in to your sipgate web account provides a wealth of call related information and you can keep an eye on your balance and top it up as required. We particularly liked the voice mail feature as you can activate this if an incoming call hasn’t been answered for so many seconds or if the phone is offline. The message is stored on the sipgate servers for your retrieval and you can also request that on receipt it is emailed to you as a WAV attachment. You can also have a notification that you have a voicemail sent to you via SMS and you can then dial in and listen to it using a normal landline or mobile if you wish, although this will cost you 9p per message.

General security features are present and correct as the TA612V offers a standard NAT/SPI firewall. Netgear claims the router offers content filtering but in reality this is nothing more than URL blocking which requires you to create a list of keywords and deny access to sites with these in their address.

”’Verdict”’ Considering the price we found this combo of SIP service provider and VoIP router particularly good value and ADSL modem users will find the installation procedures very slick. However, you can only use the sipgate service and if you want to use the TA612V behind another router then be prepared to fiddle with its firewall to get it to work.