Navicore – Navicore Personal - Navicore – Navicore Personal Review


The thing is, seeing as it’s a phone it should be the perfect device for being able to receive live traffic information. The big player in the GPS arena, TomTom, has announced its TomTom Plus service which can receive traffic data and speed camera information, though this does involve a monthly fee. The Navicore doesn’t offer this at the moment and is all the poorer for it. My current GPS device, the TomTom GO, also supports the ability to add your own POI, the most important of which is a speed camera database. This isn’t supported yet, but Navicore claims that this very useful feature will be added very soon, so it’s worth checking back for it.

In my tests the POI database proved very good, finding almost everything I could think of searching for. The nearby Legoland attraction proved troublesome at first, but it was located in another category. It found a local car dealer I needed and listed a good number of local petrol stations too, just when the car was running dry.

What really impressed me though was the hardware. The SiRFStar III chipset lived up to its billing and worked perfectly even stashed in the glove compartment. I chose to put it there after the device flew off the dashboard and onto the floor of the car in the back when making a turn. Impressively this sudden relocation didn’t affect the receiver at all and the software continued to navigate without skipping a beat.


Navicore has certainly hit the ground running with this Symbian package. The performance of the Bluetooth receiver in particular is very impressive with its ability to obtaining a fix quickly and to work even without line of sight. The Navicore software is simple to set-up and is the easiest I’ve used bar the TomTom GO. However the lack of features such as live traffic information, third party POIs, and a pedestrian mode hold it back. The latter two are to be addressed (no pun intended) by Navicore soon though and when that’s done this will be a very attractive package.


Score in detail

  • Usability 8
  • Features 6
  • Value 7